Some Pictures from Bosnia

Hey all. Here’s a selection of photos from my travels in Bosnia. Most are from the Peace March and the Memorial Centre at Potočari.

From the cemetery in Potočari

Here a space had been deliberately left in the cemetery so that the newly buried man could be laid to rest next to his brothers (the older graves on the right)
New graves alongside older ones.
At the entrance

Mass graves and other war memorials along the Peace March

Other pictures from the March

A newly rebuilt mosque next to the remains of its destroyed predecessor.

The Dutchbat Compound

The Dutchbat Soldiers’ Graffiti





Episode 21 – Greater Croatia

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After the return of party politics to Croatia in the 1860s, two opposing currents led by two very different men would emerge. On one side, a wealthy bishop will be the first to dream of a united Yugoslavia, while his great rival, a firebrand lawyer, will demand the national glory and expansion of Croatia alone.

Theme Music – “Charlotte” by Damiano Baldoni, licensed under CC BY 4.0

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